Driving into her 5th and final year at the DeGroote School of Business, Amanda is ready to take on the challenge of Co-Chairing the Top Ad Exec program. With her passion for strategic marketing as great as her passion for travelling, her drive to support the Top Ad team is at an all time high.

“Fortune favours the fearless”



She loves taking on challenges and could not be more excited to bring her optimism and fun-loving spirit to Co-Chair the Top Ad Exec team this year. She brings her curiosity and creativity to this year’s team, as well as a complete internship from the 100 year old marketing agency, Jan Kelley.

“we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”



Chief Marketing Officer

Known across the country for being a master of the carbon copy as the past Outreach Director, Rachel is stepping up her (social) networking game as she takes on the role of Chief Marketing Officer. With past internships in the healthcare, non-profit, and automotive sectors on her back, this Honours Communications student can handle anything that is thrown at her – unless it is a football (she doesn’t react well to broken nails).


Social Media and Analytics Director

Working hard is never a question for Jonathan as he doesn’t put his name on anything that is less than perfect. These habits create a drive and ambition that he channels into everything he does. This year, he is leveraging his passion for analytics and finance as the Social Media Director!


Digital Content Marketing Director

Best described as calm, cool and collected, Suchet never backs down from a challenge. As well as being on the Executive Team for Top Ad, Suchet is also an executive burrito wrapper in the downtown core of Hamilton, flashing his golden smile to the late night crowd of the city. The legend of Suchet states that he once ate a whole Point-Of-Purchase display of Lay’s Originals in one sitting, packaging and all. 



Chief Outreach & Communications Officer

With a passion for new experiences, Alyssa is always on her next big adventure whether it be across the world travelling Australia or at home rollerblading the city. Alyssa is bringing her drive and excitement for new challenges to the Top Ad Exec team as the very first Chief Outreach and Communications Officer. With a tea by her side and bag of Sour Cream and Bacon Ruffles chips to snack on, there isn’t anything this girl can’t do.


Alumni Communications Director


Director of Strategy & Management

With hopes of specializing in marketing, Nour plans to graduate with a smile on her face and pride in her heart. Taking on the role of Director of Strategy and Management, on the Top Ad Exec team this year, this City of Gold girl is ready to elevate communications strategies and make sure that the country knows who we are.


Director of PR & Outreach



Chief External Officer

Komal is taking on the role of Chief External Officer in her first year of Top Ad Exec and could not be more thrilled for the new adventures that await. With a mind of never-ending optimism and excel documents of never-ending contacts, this girl is well equipped and connected. Leading the external team to greatness is not an easy task, but with cool and calm demeanor there is no doubt she will be one to watch out for.



Central CAM Director

Ally is most likely found rocking some athleisure so she can easily move from the books to her favourite dumbbells at the gym. Constantly looking for ways to expand her horizons and network, this third year commerce student is ready for anything that students across Canada have to throw at her as she takes on the role of CAM Director for the Central Schools.


Eastern CAM Director

She may be petite, but she packs a punch when creating impact in the Top Ad community. As a final year Social Psychology student, Emma views commerce through a different lens, providing behavioural and psychographic insights which help elevate Canada’s largest experiential program to new heights.


Western CAM Director

As she enters her final year in Commerce, Khlina is planning to cover all the bases by specializing in marketing and finance. She likes to change up the status quo and leverages this passion as an aspiring entrepreneur. When Khilna isn’t recruiting and training Campus Account Managers, she can be found binge watching a series with a fresh order of McDonald’s french fries.



Sam is currently in her fourth year of French studies at McMaster. She has spoken French since she was young but has gained a passion for the language and culture through working in Europe for the last 2 summers as an Au Pair. Sam has never been a part of a business oriented program before, and could not be more excited to join us on our journey as our nation wide French translator!



Chief Events Officer

Tess is ready to take on her first year on the Top Ad team as Chief Events Officer. She is a dedicated intramural athlete, which gives her a way of channeling her competitive spirit in ways other than seeing who can sell more tickets to closing ceremonies. With her unique leadership style there is no doubt that this country-lovin girl will lead the events team to great success.



Events Director

Charn is the name, crunching numbers is her game. A bit of a different profile for your everyday Events Director but this girl has what it takes to make sure every event from Top Ad is on track – and on budget. As she heads into her 4th year at the DeGroote School of Business, Charn hopes to achieve her CPA designation and make her mark in corporate Canada.


Events Director

A veteran to the Top Ad team, Kathryn is back and better than ever! With management skills more killer than her heels, she’s on top of everything, day and night. Kathryn thrives in the social scene, so you better hope you’re on our guest list because with her covering events, you know it’s going to be LIT!



Chief Judging Officer

Hailing from the frontier town of Calgary, Alberta, Andrew is entering his 4 year studying commerce at McMaster. With the goal of attaining a CPA designation in mind, he hopes to benefit from the experiences Top Ad has to offer. If you want to know more, feel free to contact Andrew on email or Linkedin.


Chief Judging Officer

As the team’s resident walking-and-talking thesaurus, Ceviel can often be found drafting emails, reports, and judging rubrics at all hours of the day. Although impartial in her position as Chief Judging Officer, she looks forward to witnessing the triumphs of season eleven’s teams!



Chief Finance Officer

Self-proclaimed Snapchat God and social media advocate, Richard is in his final year of Commerce. After completing a summer internship at KPMG in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District, Richard is ready to crush financial statements and perform due diligence through his position as CFO.



Anna Salazar

Special Projects Manager


Special Projects Manager

Going into her fourth and certainly not last year of commerce at DeGroote, Bronte looks forward to her first year on the Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec team. As a Special Projects Manager Bronte will be working alongside the Events Team while leveraging her OCD tendencies (you won’t find a single can of Pepsi out of place on road trips).