Over 40 Universities across Canada take part in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. Now we can’t be in two places at once, so our Campus Account Managers allow for our presence to be known nation-wide. Members of our CAM team are given the opportunity to expand our program whilst developing a broad group of skills.


A Campus Account Manager (CAM) is a passionate, proactive student who acts as a on-campus advocate for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, raising student awareness for the program and educating peers on how the competition works.

What Does a campus account manager do?

Alone or with a partner, you will become your own small business manager, with the goal to actively engage and educate students on the competition, the value of experiential learning and the power of connecting with industry.


1 Top recruiting CAMs will win cash of up to $1500, and the top three will each receive a free ticket to the CNTAE 2016-2017 closing ceremonies, including free accommodations.

2 You will be provided opportunity to apply to a select number of jobs provided by our prestigious sponsors, that are unique to Top Ad Exec Contestants.

3 The CNTAE Co-Chairs will provide you with a reference letter acknowledging your efforts, responsibilities and successes.


we are always looking to partner up with bright students! Get started by contacting us in the form below.

Central CAMS 

Algoma University


Lauren Nanne

Lauren is in her third year of Business Administration at Algoma University minoring in Human Resources and Marketing. As the President of the Algoma University Business Society, Lauren decided to include the rest of the AUBS group to act as CAM’s to reach out to the students at AU. She is looking forward to bringing a small university into the competition and can’t wait to be apart of Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec!

Brock University

Sylvie Nguyen

Originally from Toronto ON, Sylvie is currently in Saint Catharines finishing her 4th year at Brock University studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Outside of her formal commitments, Sylvie spends her free time travelling, weight lighting, and reading. Sylvie is a competitive, driven student and is looking forward to her first year as a CAM!

Jessica Rumph

Originally from Hamilton, ON, Jessica is entering her fourth year at the Goodman School of Business where she studies  Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management. Jessica is always looking for ways to broaden her skill set and is a competitive and focused student. When she’s not working or studying, Jessica enjoys exploring surrounding trails as well as playing soccer. Jessica is excited to be a part of the 2017 – 2018 CAM team!

Laurentian University

Jessie Leveille

Jessie is a fourth-year Business Administration and Economics student at Laurentian University. He is thrilled to be part of Canada’s Next Top Ad Execs team and looks forward to helping Northern Ontario’s university score in the national competition.

McMaster University

Chris Lam

After returning from an exchange term abroad, I will be entering my final year at McMaster University studying commerce with a specialization in finance and minor in economics. With my competitive nature and drive for success, I am very thrilled to be representing McMaster University as a CAM. I look forward to educating and inspiring other students to participate in this year’s competition!

Paula Arango

Entering her final year at McMaster after completing a 12 month internship at Element Fleet Management, Paula is excited to take on her role as Campus Account Manager. After running her first marathon in November 2017 she is determined to push past her limits and motivate others to reach their goals. Because so much in life is about simply showing up or deciding to try something new, she encourages others to say yes to new challenges like CNTAE. You can always reach out to this smiling motivator. Paula can’t wait to see what Year 12 has to offer!

Nipissing University

Nolan Kinney

I’m a third year Nipissing University business student. I’m currently taking Accounting and Finance for a double Major with an HR minor. I’m born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I’m excited to be a part of CNTAE and all the good things to come!

Sean Menzie

Sean is from the waterfront town of Port Credit, Ontario. He is in his final year of his Bachelor of Commerce program at Nipissing University. Sean couldn’t be more excited to start his first year at Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, and to help with the inaugural launch at Nipissing University. Besides spending his time developing Next Top Ad Exec at Nipissing, he is also organizing his second annual ice fishing derby in support of the Canadian Cancer Society and is the Finance Society representative for the Nipissing University Business Community.

Queen’S University

Annie Peterson

Originally from Toronto, Annie is currently in her second year in Commerce at the Smith School of Business.  She enjoys graphic design, hanging out with her dog, and spending her summers at an overnight summer camp.

Ryerson University

Ivy Liu

Ivy holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm) degree with a Marketing Management major from Ryerson University. Ivy was able to excel her role as a marketing coordinator at a Forex Fintech start-up, with a proven track record of driving the business with a positive ROI.
She approaches everything she does with a goal-oriented mentality and puts in 110% to get the job done. The additional 10% comes from her firm belief and ability to empower people to challenge the status quo, think differently, and make real impacts in the world. As a Campus Account Manager, Ivy is excited to not only promote & increase awareness for CNTAE across TRSM, but also acts as an advocate to genuinely convey the values that CNTAE would add to any student’s academic journey!

Trent University

Alexandra Manikas

Alex is currently in her third year at Trent University, majoring in Business
Administration and specializing in Human Resource Management and Marketing.She enjoys being involved in her school community as she sits on the Board of Directors for the Business Administration program. Alex is a competitive and driven student, who will work hard to motivate and inspire Trent students to participate in this amazing opportunity.

University of Guelph

Isabel Moore

Isabel is a third-year Bachelor of Commerce student with a major in Marketing Management.  Originally from Toronto, Isabel misses everything the city has to offer but loves the student community at Guelph.  She is incredibly excited to be representing Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec at such a wonderful school.

Hannah Naylor

Hannah Naylor grew up in the small town of Lindsay, Ontario and is now is currently in her third year at the beautiful, University of Guelph. She is studying in the Bachelor of Commerce program and majoring in Accounting. She is extremely eager to be a part of Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, to get students involved around the university in an amazing opportunity.

University of Ontario Institute of technology

Kevin Reeves-Connell

I’m currently in the third year of the commerce program at uoit majoring in marketing and minoring in operations. I’m excited to represent UOIT as a CAM and look forward to allowing the students of UOIT the chance to get involved and put their skills to the test through this case competition

Ottawa University

Alif Mollick

Alif was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is currently in his 3rd year at uOttawa majoring in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is currently the Digital Marketing Director of the Telfer Marketing Association. He is excited to see what he can do as a part of the Next Top Ad Exec CAM team and is looking forward to all the amazing submissions.

University of Toronto Scarborough

Exilia Han

Exilia is currently in her third year at the University of Toronto Scarborough majoring in International Business, with a stream in marketing. She enjoys a lot of things in life, including sour cream & onion chips, the Friends series and billiards, but her passion for all things creative, strategic, and thought-provoking are what drove her to becoming a CAM. She’s beyond excited for the upcoming year with the rest of the team, and is proud to finally represent UTSC in the advertising world, and the advertising world in UTSC!

Wesley Yang

Alif was born in Montreal, Quebec. He is currently in his 3rd year at uOttawa majoring in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is currently the Digital Marketing Director of the Telfer Marketing Association.

University of Waterloo

Pranil Naik

Pranil is a 3rd year University of Waterloo Student studying Global Business and Digital Arts. Being part of a program that allows you to get the best of both worlds of design and business, Pranil has chosen to major in Marketing. Pranil is excited to be University of Waterloo’s first CAM and hopefully wishes to provide a first time winner from Waterloo!

Karen Fang

Originally from Ottawa, ON, Karen came to study at the University of Waterloo to study Global Business and Digital Arts. She is passionate and experienced in digital marketing, sales and project management and is involved with UW Marketing Association as VP of Internal Relations. Karen is very excited to inspire other students to join the competition and offer others the opportunity to gain valuable networking opportunities and build on their real world experiences!

University of Western Ontario

Brandon Reeve

Brandon is a student in his second year at King’s University College working toward his Honors Degree in Finance and Administration. He is thrilled to be apart of Canada’s Top Ad Exec Team, and believes he can apply his creativity and hard work to encourage Western students to participate and excel in the competition.

Carter Spence

Being born in London ON, Carter chose Western University for its advanced business program and competitive business school. Carter is in his 2nd year of studies at Western, specializing in Global Commerce with a minor in marketing. Being given the opportunity to develop his passion for Business Marketing, Event Marketing, and Advertising, Carter is prepared to embody Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec as a CAM at Western.

Wilfrid Laurier University

Manpreet Brar

Manpreet is a second year business administration student majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics. As a driven and competitive individual, she is continuously finding ways to challenge herself beyond a typical classroom. If you don’t see her studying, you can often find her at the gym, engaged in athletics, or being involved around campus. As a studious perfectionist with a side of humor, Manpreet can’t wait to show Top Ad what Laurier has in store! Be ready.

Nikunj Mehta

Nik Mehta is a second year BBA student at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Laurier. As a student that lives by Laurier’s “Work Hard, Play Harder” motto, he not only brings an enthusiastic work ethic, but really immerses himself with Laurier’s culture through various campus activities and events. He isn’t just academically competitive, as you can often find him engaged in various sports, athletics and competitions on campus. As a passionate and proactive individual, Nik can’t wait to let CNTAE get a taste of what Laurier has to offer!

York University

Suraj Parwani

Born Indian, raised in Dubai, U.A.E.
I come from the multicultural hub in the Middle East and have been in Toronto for 4 years. Studying Marketing at York University, my interests are tailored around in-line marketing and brand management. Essentially creating retail environments for brands. I am a CAM for CNTAE is because I feel this is an excellent platform for students to apply theoretical knowledge in a realistic practical setting. To me, thats core to succeed in the world.

Harleen Singh

Born and raised in Toronto, Harleen is in her final semester of the commerce program at York University, with a specialization in marketing. She loves being artsy, watching spoken word/slam poetry, and listening to TED Talks. Her passion for TED Talks actually led her to becoming Co-President, and now Senior Advisor, of TEDxYorkU. Harleen is ecstatic to serve as the CAM for York and encourage her fellow York Lions to get involved, and potentially even become the Kings/Queens of the jungle by winning #CrazyRewards!

Schulich School of Business

Ricks Tsang

Raised in the tidy surburbs of Missisauga, Ricks pursues a Marketing specialization in the Schulich School of Business at York University. Now enrolled in his fourth year, Ricks remains ever-active as a Senior Advisor at York Sports Business Association. He is elated at the opportunity to bring his marketing ideas to Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, continue its reputation as the country’s greatest marketing case competition, and exceed all benchmarks set for him.

Kelly Saltzman

Kelly is in her final year of her MBA at the Schulich School of Business specializing in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Last year, with her friend Chelsea Margolis, she placed top 10 in CNTAE. Loving this experience, she has been inspired to encourage her colleagues to join the competition too. She is excited to see what the next round of competitors have in store knowing what an unbelievable experience they are in for. Good luck Everyone!

Eastern CAMS 

Acadia University

Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle is a third year Marketing major, Business Society member, and Communications Assistant at Acadia University. Born and raised on the east coast, she is a proud Maritimer that prioritizes being heavily involved in her community. Nothing makes Gab more proud than seeing others succeed, and who doesn’t love a good competition? She is motivated and excited to show the rest of Canada that Nova Scotia can bring it!

Bishop’s University

Ashton Glenn

I am a varsity rugby player here at Bishop’s University from Oakville, Ont. I am currently completing my third year of the Marketing and Entrepreneurship program as well as a finishing off my second major in economics. I am currently really enjoying my program here at the Williams school of Business here at Bishops. This year I cannot wait to represent and promote Canada’s Next Top Ad here at Bishop’s to all students on Campus!

Concordia University

Kaylee Chan

Kaylee is in her third year at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business majoring in Marketing and minoring in Finance. She enjoys learning new things and gaining new experiences which is the reason she became a CAM for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. Kaylee is excited to use her marketing skills to promote CNTAE at her university.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Catherine Flynn

Catherine is currently a fourth year student at Memorial University of Newfoundland with a focus in marketing. This small town living girl is ready to take on Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec for the first time. With her competitive edge, she can’t wait to see what the East Coast will offer to the competition.

Isaac Trask

Isaac is entering his third year of business at Memorial University, with an interest in marketing and french language studies. He is a varsity track and field athlete and is excited to help Memorial students race through the competition and show Next Top Ad Exec what they have to offer!

St. Francis Xavier University

Laura Pichette

Laura is currently in her fourth year of studying Entrepreneurship and minoring in Psychology at St. Francis Xavier University. She is thrilled to take on the role of CAM for St.FX and can’t wait to see what the small town of Antigonish has in store this year!

Sarah Hickman

My name is Sarah Hickman and I’m a fourth year Marketing student at St. Francis Xavier University. This is my first year as a CAM for St.FX and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to be involved with campus and have the chance to interact with our students and profs.

Western CAMS 

Canadian Mennonite University

Masimo Picaku

Masimo left his home country, Albania, to study in Canada. He is currently in his fourth year at Canadian Mennonite University majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Communications and Media. Driven by his competitive edge and energetic personality, Masimo is beyond excited to motivate and inspire CMU students to join on the competition.

Capilano University

Hamzah Hassani

Hamzah is currently a third year student at Capilano University, majoring in marketing. Hamzah is the kind of who loves to life as a journey. Hamzah is extremely goal oriented and motivated to work hard. This year, Hamzah is looking forward to taking Capilano Students to the “Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec” journey.

Trinity Western University

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Rodrigo is currently in his last year at Trinity Western University majoring in Business and specializing in Marketing. His drive and determination for innovation and providing something new to his university is what motivated him in becoming part of Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. He is extremely excited to show the potential that Trinity Western University has to offer.

Javier Samour

Javier is a Salvadoran student that currently attends Trinity Western University, he is at his fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Administration Specialized In Marketing that he is pursuing. Javier is truly pleased to be a part of the Next Top Ad Exec team, which will give him an extraordinary opportunity to meet a great deal of undergrads and fortify their inward intensity. His central goal is to convey and provide an opportunity for experiential learning at his university, that will allow all his fellow mates a big an unique experience.

University of Alberta

Brandon Wong

Brandon Wong is current a third year student at the Alberta School of Business in Edmonton, with a major in marketing and a minor in strategic management and organization. Outside of school, Brandon is an avid writer. His portfolio includes writing for companies such as AT&T, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner Bros. Studios. Brandon is very excited to promote Top Ad to his peers, and hopes that the University of Alberta will repeat their first place performance from 2011.

University of British Columbia

Lyndan Lam

Lyndan is a fifth year marketing student at the UBC Sauder School of Business. She is passionate about brand management, consumer behaviour, not-for-profit work, and teaching. This is Lyndan’s third year on the Top Ad Exec CAM team and she can’t think of a better way to wrap up her last year of undergrad than being a CAM one last time!

University of Calgary

Alysia Kwong

Alysia Kwong is a 3rd year Marketing Major at University of Calgary. She grew up in North Vancouver and has really thrived since moving to Calgary for school because of all the amazing people on campus at her school. Last year Alysia was involved in a variety of school clubs including the Commerce Undergraduate Society, and Humans of UCalgary. This made her realize how much she loves getting involved on campus. She is excited to use her network to spread the word about Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec around the U of C campus!

University of Regina

Olivia Arnal

Olivia Arnal is a fourth year business student in the Hill School of Business at the University of Regina. Shortly after starting her university career, Olivia realized what a passion she had for the fast paced world of business. She soon joined many activities and immersed herself in all that the University of Regina had to offer. Most recently, Olivia became a CAM with Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. As a new CAM bringing CNTAE to her university, she looks forward to connecting passionate students to opportunities which could positively impact their future career.

University of Winnipeg

Suryaveer Singh

Suryaveer is currently in his fourth year of studying Business and minoring in sociology. Suryaveer enjoys being an amateur food critic and trying new cuisines. His love for food makes him want to be a world traveler. He is looking forward to having the opportunity to inspire others while motivating himself as well. Suryaveer is excited to bring Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec to the University of Winnipeg.