Over 40 Universities across Canada take part in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. Now we can’t be in two places at once, so our Campus Account Managers allow for our presence to be known nation-wide. Members of our CAM team are given the opportunity to expand our program whilst developing a broad group of skills.


A Campus Account Manager (CAM) is a passionate, proactive student who acts as a on-campus advocate for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, raising student awareness for the program and educating peers on how the competition works.


Alone or with a partner, you will become your own small business manager, with the goal to actively engage and educate students on the competition, the value of experiential learning and the power of connecting with industry.


1 Top recruiting CAMs will win cash of up to $1500, and the top three will each receive a free ticket to the CNTAE 2016-2017 closing ceremonies, including free accommodations.

2 You will be provided opportunity to apply to a select number of jobs provided by our prestigious sponsors, that are unique to Top Ad Exec Contestants

3 The CNTAE Co-Chairs will provide you with a reference letter acknowledging your efforts, responsibilities and successes.


We are currently looking for driven, passionate, and proactive students at universities across Canada to promote the competition at their home universities as Campus Account Managers (CAM).

EMAIL: ktaneja@topad-exec.com for more details!


Justine Carlone

Concordia University

Justine is currently in her last year at Concordia University majoring in International Business and minoring in Marketing. Her competitive nature and school spirit are what inspired her to become a CAM at her university for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to encourage others to compete and live an unforgettable experience.

Gabriel Rondos

Concordia University

Gabriel is a Finance major in his final year at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business. Last year, along with his brother Charles, Gabriel won Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. They choose to call themselves Dab Execs, however. Gabriel’s looking forward to promoting Top Ad Exec like a champion at Concordia with the goal of going back to back…to back.


Maddie Gillmeister

St. Francis Xavier University

Maddie is currently in her third year of studying Marketing and minoring in sociology. Maddie has a competitive edge and loves case competitions, she is excited to encourage and inspire other students to submit their proposals and join in on the competition! Maddie is very thrilled to represent The Next Ad Exec on the East Coast as a CAM!

Kate Perkins-McVey

St. Francis Xavier University

Kate Perkins-McVey was born and raised in Ottawa. Kate is a fourth year advanced marketing major and psychology minor student at St. Francis Xavier University. This is Kate’s second year as a CAM representing St.FX and she can’t wait to see what the east coast has to bring to the competition this year!


Victoria Perrota

Dalhousie University

Victoria is a 4th Year Bachelor of Commerce Student from Dalhousie University. She is the President of the Rowe Marketing Association and loves to get involved on Campus. This is Victoria’s second year as a CAM for Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec and she’s so excited to be returning to the Top Ad Fam for another amazing year.

Thomas Tawaststjernai

Dalhousie University

Thomas Tawaststjerna was born in Toronto Ontario. He is currently in his third year at  Dalhousie University. As a part of the Commerce Co-op program Thomas is majoring in marketing management. With his continuing experience in sales he is extremely excited to bring new ideas and enthusiasm as a CAM for Dalhousie University!


Eric Schlott

Ottawa University

Eric returned home to Canada from a busy life abroad to study in Ottawa. At the University of Ottawa he is currently in his fourth year of study majoring in International Management. He is thrilled to be part of Next Top Ad Exec as a CAM and is looking forward to encouraging and supporting students so they can submit amazing proposals!

Mark Gawley

Ottawa University

Mark Gawley, after eighteen years of living in a town of less than fifteen thousand people, is entering into his fourth year at the University of Ottawa, majoring in finance. Driven by his competitive attitude and energetic personality, Mark is excited to get involved with the Next Top Ad Exec and passionately represent the talent at the University of Ottawa as a CAM!


Melyna Tetreault

Bishops University

Melyna Tetreault choose to attend a university with small classes and a great sense of community located in the Eastern townships of Quebec. Bishop’s University was her choice. She is in her 3rd and last year, majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. With being the Top Ad’s first CAM at Bishop’s, she plans on making it a huge success! Be ready because BU is now entering the competition!  


Amanda Emailian

Laurier University

Amanda studies Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University in the crazy student town of Waterloo, ON. Amanda likes to show her creative side by designing websites for clients and updating her own website, blog, and portfolio regularly. Amanda is extremely excited to represent Laurier as a CAM this year and can’t wait for what’s in store!


Richard Chu

Queens University

Richard grew up in quintessential suburb of Mississauga, Ontario. Currently at Queen’s University in the small city of Kingston, Richard is in his second year of studying in the Commerce program. Richard is absolutely thrilled to be representing Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec at Queen’s, having the confidence that his school can once again place first in the competition.

Kimmie Chan

Queens University

Kimmie is a second year Queen’s Commerce student ready to take on Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec as a CAM for the second time. When she’s away from the desk, you may catch her running around campus trying to get the best Instagram shots. Kimmie cannot wait to bring Canada’s Next Top Ad to Queen’s and join the CAM fam! #TopAd4Lyf


Vanessa Pichelli

York University

Toronto will forever be her home. At York University, Vanessa is currently in her fourth year of studies, majoring in Marketing. Vanessa has a passion for making advertisements especially on social media channels – Instagram being her favourite! With her keen enthusiasm, she is excited to encourage and inspire other students to join in on the competition!

Amrit Sandhu

York University

Amrit Sandhu was born and raised in the suburbs of Mississauga, Ontario. She currently attends Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto. She is pursuing a dual specialization in strategic management and operations management. She will be utilizing her impeccable marketing and public speaking skills to encourage Schulich students to join the competition!

Zara Malik

York University

Zara Malik is currently a third year student at the Schulich School of Business studying marketing and strategic management. Her great interest in marketing has influenced her to become a CAM and encourage other Schulich students to take part in such a great learning opportunity!


Steven Rosa

Brock University

Steven Rosa left his hometown of Georgetown, ON to earn his business degree through the Goodman School of Business. At Brock University he is currently in his third year of studying Business Administration. Steven has a competitive edge with all his business knowledge and experiences. He is super excited to be apart of a new team as one of the newest Campus Account Managers for the Next Top Ad Exec.

Josh Zankowicz

Brock University

Josh Zankowicz left his hometown of Oakville, Ontario to pursue his business career by attending the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. He is currently in his third year of studying Business Administrations. Josh is a competitive and driven student and will be cheering on his fellow Brock students as he represent Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec at Brock University as a CAM!


Julia Tomczak

Western University

Originally from Toronto ON, Julia is currently in London finishing her 4th year at the Ivey Business School and is looking forward to her third year as a CAM. Outside of school, Julia loves to travel and keep active, and has competed on Western’s Varsity Volleyball Team. She can’t wait to promote the Top Ad program at Ivey and see who makes it to the top!

Jordan Hutchings

Western University

Originating from Calgary, Jordan chose Western University for its competitive business school as well to explore more of Canada. Jordan is in his 4th year of accounting and hopes to obtain a CPA designation after graduating. Jordan is also part of the Leadership Education Program on campus where he hopes to help other students develop themselves!

Adalia Yang

Western University

Adalia returned back to London, Ontario to finish her fourth year at Western University where she is specializing in Consumer Behaviour and minoring in Psychology. Adalia is ecstatic and ready to represent Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec as a CAM at Western. Alongside her partner, Jordan Hutchings, they will work together to motivate and inspire Western students to participate!


Amanjot Saral

McMaster University

Amanjot Saral was born in Toronto and grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. Currently studying commerce at McMaster University. She is constantly looking for ways to challenge herself with academics and expand her horizons with skill sets. But don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s buried in her books 24/7. When she’s not studying at Innis, you can either find her at a soccer field, or brainstorming ideas for her next YouTube video. She enjoys being involved in her school community as she was the VP academic for JDCC DeGroote. She is beyond excited to join the team of Top Ad as a Campus Account Manager and looks forward to encouraging students at McMaster to join the competition!


Jordan Perreira


Jordan Pereira is a student who is passionate about connecting with people and learning about their stories. At the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, he is currently majoring in Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He intends to inspire other students to take part in the Next Top Ad Exec in order for them to have the chance to connect with other like-minded individuals and potentially be in a place to receive valuable opportunities.

Dylan Rodriguez


Dylan Rodriguez currently attends the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, majoring in Finance and minoring in Operations & Supply Chain Management. Dylan is delighted to be a part of Next Top Ad Exec which will give him a great chance to meet a lot of students and stimulate their inner competitiveness. His mission is to deliver a great experience to excite the competitors.


Devina Aujla

Windsor University

Devina Aujla is a third year Honours B.Comm with co-op student double concentrating in finance and marketing at the Odette School of Business. She is an outgoing and ambitious individual who is passionate about Financial Literacy and it’s importance for people from all walks of life. She loves Netflix, food, and traveling. She is also an active member of her community, currently serving at the Executive Vice President of the Odette Commerce Society and as a consultant on Enactus Windsor. Devina has had the opportunity to work at The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority in the Finance department and was able to help overlook the $2.2 billion bridge project as their first co-op student. 

Maryanne Rozic

Windsor University

Maryanne Rozic is a fourth year business student studying strategy and entrepreneurship at the Odette School of Business. She enjoys working alongside others to not only guide them, but also learn from them. She is also an avid reader, a foodie, and loves to practice yoga.


Aaron Ellery

Trent University

Aaron Ellery is from a small town at the hub of Georgian Bay and spent most of his time on the water boating with family and friends. Aaron is now studying at Trent University for a degree in Business Administration, with a specialization in Marketing. 

Leo Sanchez

Trent University

Leo Sanchez was born and raised in Mississauga Ontario in a family of five. He’s been playing sports and been involved in various forms of art his whole life, these extra-curricular activities he took part in have shaped a lot of his personality, as well has the influences his family members have had on him. In high school, at Cawthra Park Secondary School, he majored in visual arts, which he unfortunately hasn’t continued with but still carries as a hobby. Leo’s interests include: Health and Fitness, Arts, History, Literature, Business and popular culture.


Taylor Fergusson

Laurentian University

Taylor Fergusson decided to leave her hometown of Kitchener to experience a Northern winter in Sudbury. She is now in her third year of Sports Administration at Laurentian University. Taylor has a drive for success and cannot wait to start her journey with Next Top Ad Exec. Taylor will look to motivate and inspire students around campus!


Tai Shan Lin

Rotman School Of Management

Tai Shan Lin loves to tell people he’s “been there, done that”. Tai has experienced a bucket list like no other. Starting in 2014, he found himself migrating to the concrete jungle of Toronto, where he started a new chapter in the 6ix studying business strategy and marketing. This year, Tai is beyond excited to join the talented 2016-2017 CAM Team!


Stefan Karpowicz

Guelph University

Stefan is a small town kid, growing up in beautiful Wasaga Beach. Entering his third year at the University of Guelph, Stefan is well on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. With a competitive past, both athletically and academically, he is very excited to be a member of Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.


Jianing Yang

Ryerson University

Jianing Yang (Jay-ning) was born in Beijing, China but quickly moved to Canada at the age of 2, where she lived in Ottawa untll graduating from high school. Working previously with Shiseido Canada marketing on global lines like Shiseido and Clé de Peau Beauté, and leading Canadian jewelry designer Jenny Bird, Jianing strives to differentiate herself with on hand experience. As much as she loves interning, she also loves to participate in case competitions and is overjoyed to be part of the Top Ad Exec team. Using her past experience in other case competitions, Jianing understands the importance and knowledge students gain from these opportunities. 

Alvir Tanghal

Ryerson University



Stephanie Johnston

University of Manitoba

Stephanie is in her final year at the University of Manitoba, majoring in marketing. Stephanie hopes to spread her competitive spirit throughout the UofM, and motivate other students to submit their proposals and get involved in this incredible opportunity. Stephanie is excited to bring Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec to the prairies.


Aly Bowles

University of Manitoba

Aly Bowles is currently in her final year at the Asper School of Business, double majoring in marketing and HR. With her extensive knowledge in promoting opportunities to students she is very excited to promote the incredible opportunity of Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec to all of her peers!


Hamzah Elhassan

Capilano University

Hamzah is the kind of person that is always achieving something new because he is continuously working hard to improve himself and trying to seize every opportunity.He loves everything that has to do with digital marketing and social media, and is excited to explore this new Chapter in life as a CAM at CapilanoU!


Lyndan Lam

University of British Columbia

Lyndan is a fourth year marketing student at the UBC Sauder School of Business. She is passionate about consumer behaviour, not-for-profit work, and teaching. This is Lyndan’s second year on the Top Ad Exec CAM team and she is excited to work off the great success that UBC achieved in the competition last year! She is ready to show everyone what the West coast is made of! #WestCoastBestCoast

Jessica Tse

University of British Columbia

Tenacious. Tactful. Thrive. Jessica is a third year Business Technology Management Major with a Concentration in Sustainability. Hearing nothing but superb things about Next Top Ad Exec, she is thrilled to share her innovative ideas with the team! Living in the #WestCoastBestCoast mindset, Jessica is beyond excited to represent Western Canada as a UBC CAM!


Matthew Coupland

University of Winnipeg

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Matt Coupland is a marketing student in his final year at the University of Winnipeg. For the past four years he’s been working towards a Bachelor of Business and Administration degree. He hopes to continue to build his marketing and leadership skills as the CAM for the University of Winnipeg.


Olivier Doyon

University of Calgary

Olivier has a creative flare and a mind for the eccentric: he is an avid writer of musical parodies, comedy routines, and short stories. Halfway through his third year, he set his sight on marketing and hasn’t looked back since. He is busy trying to build a career for himself in Alberta, and is thrilled to represent The Next Ad Exec out West as a CAM.


Geoff Wong

University of Alberta

Geoff Wong is a Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce, Cooperative Education, Community Service Learning Certificate and Certificate in International Learning student studying Marketing and Management Information Systems. Last year, Geoff alongside his partner Luke, was honoured to be named runner-up in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.