Gabrielan undergraduate Finance student at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business. In 2012, he graduated from Concordia with a BA in Communications Studies. Unsure of what career path to take, Gabriel bought a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia. That was the beginning of a 17-month journey that included filming and editing wedding videos in Sydney, building a house in the Outback, and spending a night alone in the world’s oldest rainforest. The four months he spent in a rural Thai village teaching English to 900 high school students was what had the greatest impact on Gabriel. He found it was an amazing and enriching experience, with the community embracing him as one of their own. Making it into the CNTAE Top 10 has given Gabriel the confidence knowing that he can take the knowledge he has learned in the classroom and succeed in applying it to real-world problems.

Charles – an undergraduate Marketing student at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, currently on track to complete his degree in May 2016. Charles began his university education in film animation, learning the fundamentals of figure drawing, stop motion, and computer animation. His affinity for cooking and music led Charles to soon realize that all these fields were closer to hobbies than career paths, and this shifted his focus to marketing. Since then, Charles has discovered a true passion for marketing communications, branding, and business strategy, strengthened by his past interests in creative arts and culture. By deeply immersing himself in student life and participating in case competitions, Charles feels that he has made marketing not just a degree, but a lifestyle that fuels the desire to learn more and stay on top of trends. Participating in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec has given Charles the opportunity to put all his interests into practice and given him the confidence in his choice of career path supporting his skills and passions.

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The only way to be the best is to compete against the best. Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec is the nation’s largest advertising and marketing experiential program. Stand out amongst your peers, and get noticed by some of the biggest corporations in the nation. Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec isn’t just a competition, it is a community, that not only cares deeply for its members, but also provides its members achievements beyond achievement.
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It’s real world in the most truest form possible. But at the same time, it connects you with the industry. It bridges education and industry together in a way that has never been done before. It’s truly revolutionary.

Mark Scattolon, Co-Founder – Hangry (2011 Winner) 


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